Janez Kocbek is a Slovene documentary, sports and lifestyle photographer currently based in Berlin and working world wide.

Photography and a passion for the outdoors have been a part of his life from day one. He has turned that passion into a career that has taken him around the globe with some of the worldʼs best athletes.

His experience in shooting action sports has grown into an ability to work quick, travel light and achieve impeccable results despite the challenging conditions or terrain.

He is a skateboarder and a grasping traveler, his home is on the road. When he is not out shooting photos he is probably working on some short films, illustrating or animating as his creative head is never still.

His photos are meant to tell a story and evoke an emotion. Documenting honest and raw moments, always reaching for that ‘one moreʼ…Another climb, another run, another shot.

Email: info@janezkocbek.com

Phone: +49 176 29284776